Mark Hurd Leading Oracle to Become Leader in Cloud Computing

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"When most consumers think of the cloud, they most often associate such companies as Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon with this portion of the cyber world. That is especially true of Amazon, who has been dominating this market for quite some time. They own the vast majority of the market share, but that looks like it is coming to an end as Oracle has quickly been establishing themselves as a company that can provide the kind of storage that people are looking for at a cost that easily competes with that of competitors.

To Oracle CEO Mark Hurd cloud computing is the direction he wants his company following. He has recognized that the infrastructure at Amazon, in particular, is “old,” to put it in his words, and this means that a new approach is needed to give users a cloud product that they can depend upon. This has given Oracle a step up over many other companies, including Microsoft, because they are a little late to the party.

Because Oracle was not one of the original companies to offer a sophisticated cloud product, they were playing catchup, but this has actually given them a leg up in many respects. Now they are not having to deal with antiquated technology to offer to customers that are outdated in terms of what the internet needs to offer consumers. Instead, they have state of the art technology that they can offer which makes them a better option for the vast majority of consumers that want a cloud product that they can trust.

It is true that Amazon has the history behind this kind of technology, but Mark Hurd has made Oracle the one that those who are looking for a quality cloud product can depend upon. It is the true option for those who want to make sure that they can feel safe and secure about their stored files.